The Center is funding a set of creative scholars to conduct original research and to connect scientific and humanistic research with society. These scholars are selected from a competitive pool of applicants based on the promise of their ideas to transform social and political interactions in society. The Center funds three different categories of scholars across three career stages.

Science and Society

These eminent and well-established scholars have the ability to transform scientific and humanistic research into societal change through wide-reaching thought leadership. These scholars will leverage their elevated platform in the national discourse to reach out through popular books, articles, and talks.

Momentum Scholars

These mid-to-early career scholars have a proven track record of making discoveries related to moral understanding and disseminating these discoveries to a wide audience. These scholars will leverage their past success to discover barriers to moral understanding and how to overcome them.

Emerging Scholars

These early career scholars are rising stars in the field with the promise to guide the future of the field of moral understanding. These scholars will initialize projects that will serve as the foundation for their future careers investigating moral understanding.


Each year, the Center funds a number of new scholars. The exact number depends upon the number of applications and the amount requested by each scholar. Projects are expected to have the potential for transformative outputs, and both intellectual merit and broader impact are emphasized, with the relative importance of each depending upon the kind of scholar. Applications will be reviewed by both Center staff and the Advisory Board.